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Crytek working with high-end PC setups to test their games for next-gen consoles


The next generation of consoles won’t be so much a leap as an awkward half-step, if Crytek are to be believed, merely bringing Microsoft and Sony’s boxes up to speed with the upper tier of existing home PCs. Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli says the company have been using “not the best, but high-end” PCs to ready its tech for the new consoles.

“At Crytek we approach next generation consoles and technology predictions in a particular way,” Yerli told VG247. “Last year we took some of the most high-end PC set-ups that we could find and build, and defined those as the assumed specifications for the next generation.

“The approach today, I would suggest, is to take, not the very best, but a high-end PC and start working on a high-end PC game. That should give you a quite accurate or quite good base for developing for the next generation.”

The toast of next year’s E3, ladies and gentlemen: quite high-end PCs. Take a look at Crysis 3 for a sneak preview.