Cult of the Lamb Halloween event lets you raise the dead

A Cult of the Lamb Halloween event Blood Moon has begun, and it features a brand new ritual that lets you resurrect dead followers as wandering ghosts

Cult of the Lamb Halloween event: The cute cartoon lamb hovers over the floor of the temple, its eyes glowing red and dripping blood, as followers in robes dance around. Two exchange jack 'o lanterns.

There’s a Cult of the Lamb Halloween event starting today, because if there’s any indie game out there that knows what’s what about Halloween, it’s definitely Cult of the Lamb. In this limited time event, you’ll be able to conduct a new type of ritual that literally brings your dead followers back as wandering ghosts in the adorably twisted little (after) life game.

The Blood Moon Festival, as the Halloween event is called, runs now through November 10. During that time, you’ll be able to conduct the Blood Moon ritual in your temple. This ritual will call back the spirits of your dearly departed devotees, who’ll return to the plane of the living as adorable ghosts.

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You’ll have to grow and harvest pumpkins in order to perform the ritual, so get to planting, pronto. You’ll also have to catch the spirits of your followers prior to bringing them back in ghost form, so keep an eye out for any poltergeist activity around your settlement.

The festival also features three new unlockable follower forms, four new decorations to place around your base, and a haunting new music track for your cult to get down to.

Check out our guide to Cult of the Lamb bosses if you’re still working your way through its twisted gallery of bishops.