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You can pet the dog in Cult of the Lamb, but that’s your lot

You can pet the dog in Cult of the Lamb, and they're the only member of your animal army that your protagonist deems worthy of affection in Devolver's roguelike

you can pet the dog in cult of the lamb: cartoon lamb with black hat on stands in a circle of pigs and dogs bowing to him

Yes, you read that right, you can pet the dog in Cult of the Lamb, Devolver’s new vaguely Satanic roguelike game. Question is, though, can you show any of the other troops in your animal army affection?

Straight of left field (hah, get it?), Devolver’s all-new roguelike title Cult of the Lamb thrusts players into a chaotic world characterised by blood, guts, and gore, with some more blood, guts, and gore on top of that.

Cleansing non-believers is easy if you have the best Cult of the Lamb weapons all ready to go in your arsenal, but you’re part of a cult for a reason – you need a little help from your friends (or fiends).

Enter followers, the backbone of your animal army. Lured in by your coercion (and by ‘coercion’ we mean ‘threats’), only one creature on the roster can actually be petted – ironic in a game full of fluffy balls of cuteness, right? Question is – which one?

cult of the lamb follower can be petted dog: cute cartoon woodland with tents and crops and a huge cultist statue in the center

Pigs, fish, and deer have nothing on dogs in Cult of the Lamb, as our adorable canine companions are the only creatures in the game that can actually be petted.

When you approach a dog, you’ll be able to either give it a blessing, or ‘pet the dog.’ Your Satanic protagonist will then say “who’s a good dog, you are!” and the mindless follower will explode into giggles and love hearts.

This has been an instant hit with players, who have been quick to prove their loyalty on Twitter. “YOU CAN PET THE DOG IN CULT OF THE LAMB” writes one excited fan, while another comments “aww, you can pet the dog followers in Cult of the Lamb. That’s adorable.”

Starting a cult isn’t easy though; especially when you are a possessed sheep. Be sure to check out our Cult of the Lamb beginner’s guide, to get yourself started – but make sure you meet the Cult of the Lamb system requirements before you play; otherwise, well, you know what happens when you cross a cult…