Loads of indie goodness incoming, as seen in the [email protected] highlight trailer

Deliver Us to the Moon

At this year’s Microsoft E3 conference the publisher didn’t just flex its muscles with triple-A meatheads in Gears of War 4, they also showed off – albeit quickly – a bunch of incoming indies. 

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There are quite a few in there that I think look promising and wouldn’t mind a crack at. Why don’t you have a watch and see which ones stand out for you. Maybe even let us know in the comments, eh?

Cuphead is an obvious one. I love its retro-cartoon art style, and its scope has recently been expanded, too – it won’t just be a boss rush game anymore and will include actual levels inbetween. Yes please, basically.

Then there’s Outlast 2 at the other end. I’m certainly not into this one for its charm. Sneaking through cornfields while murderers hunt you sounds like a great way to spend a few hours, mind. I enjoyed the first game and found the whole setup really immersive. There’s something about viewing the darkness through a night-vision camera that makes it seem more real, more terrifying.

There’s loads of good stuff in that highlight trailer other than these two, though. Take Deliver us the Moon: I’ve never even heard of it, but just those couple of flashes of gameplay have me intrigued enough to dig it up and find out more. I love space, I do.

Like I said, give us your thoughts in that empty space down there.