The Curse of Icewind Dale to take Neverwinter players beyond Infinity from May 13

Snow covered the surface of Icewind Dale - but Black Isle managed to conjure a surprising variety of dungeon environments back in the day.

I don’t think Emotional Geography is an academically-recognised field, but a decade of games dotted along the Sword Coast has infused some of its locations with mushy feels.

Neverwinter? Pleasantly temperate, but ultimately a bit wet. Baldur’s Gate? Earthy, filled with potential. Icewind Dale? A little cold for its lack of dialogue, but undeniably spine-tingling.

That fact hasn’t escaped Cryptic Studios, still plotting the map for their growing MMO. They’ve decamped to the yeti-bothered peaks for Neverwinter’s third expansion.

This here’s a “lore” trailer. By all accounts Neverwinter’s strength isn’t its storytelling. But look! Snow! And loose confederation of localised fishing villages, the Ten Towns!

“Will you uncover the truth behind the resurrection of ak-arse-kettle?”, asks the voice actress, long since having abandoned her script in favour of naming nearby objects.

Black ice will touch every aspect of the Curse of Icewind Dale, as a new resource – harvested by players, shaped into special gear boasting massive (temporary) stat bonuses.

The expansion also promises two new adventure zones, a new Paragon path for the Hunter Ranger, and a unique, two-faction open PvP zone. It’ll be fun to tromp through some familiar locales, no doubt – though Jeremy Soule’s stonking soundtrack will be missed.

Between this and the pan-dimensional backflippery that allowed D&D Online to incorporate the Undermountain, that’s the most nostalgic environments in the Forgotten Realms covered in active MMOs. Unless there’s another I’ve forgotten?

Cheers, VG247.

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