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Cyber Knights Flashpoint, a great strategy game, just got even better

Cyber Knights Flashpoint, a squad based strategy game mix of Cyberpunk 2077, XCOM2, and Invisible Inc, just received a major new update.

Cyber Knights Flashpoint, a great strategy game, just got even better: A man with brown hair and a scar over one eyebrow, from Cyber Knights Flashpoint.

It’s been years since a proper XCOM has come out, with XCOM 2 launching back in 2016 and the series’ most recent spin off, XCOM: Chimera Squad coming out in 2020. Anyone looking for a good, sci fi tinged and squad based strategy game in the meantime, then, has had to look a bit further afield. Fortunately, games like the Cyberpunk 2077 and XCOM indebted Cyber Knights Flashpoint have arrived in the years that the latter series has been away, offering players the opportunity to test their tactical prowess in other ways.

Cyber Knights Flashpoint introduced its take on the cyberpunk game genre when it launched into Early Access on Steam late last year. Now, in the latest of a series of regular updates, its creators have improved the sci fi tactics game even further.

The new Cyber Knights Flashpoint update fixes issues with controller and Steam Deck input and a wide array of bugs. It also adds in extra stat details and overwatch and full auto bullet pip indicators to the combat UI in order to provide better player information. Alongside this, the patch makes changes to the rewards paid out from secondary objectives to improve game balance.

Today’s update follows up on yesterday’s major NANOFAB milestone as well. That patch added in features like a new safehouse room that allows for blueprint crafting, which, together with changes to the game’s loot, saw a wealth of new weapons, weapon mods, armor types, and items introduced to the game. It also provided new enemy talents and improvements to timeline stopping.

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Cyber Knights Flashpoint is available in Early Access on Steam, and is discounted by 34% from now until tomorrow July 11, making it $19.79 USD / £16.49. Grab a copy right here.

Otherwise, you can find more like it by checking out or favorite strategy games and indie games on PC.

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