Cyberpunk 2077 ADS is faster with this simple mod

Speed up Cyberpunk 2077 ADS, crafting, and other actions with the 'Stuff Done Faster' mod, which edits the XML to make actions feel nice and responsive

Cyberpunk 2077 ads mod: A bandit approaches, pulling a pistol from a hip holster, with the cooling tower of a nuclear power plant visible in the background

You can speed up Cyberpunk 2077 ADS and several other actions by installing a very simple mod. The Stuff Done Faster mod does exactly what it says just by making a few adjustments to the XML configuration file. Installing it on the futuristic open-world game will make item crafting, item breakdown, picking up bodies, and several combat actions quicker and more responsive.

The mod updates the inputContexts.xml file found in Cyberpunk 2077’s config folder – so installing it is a simple matter of swapping in the new file for the existing one. Modder Rudolph2109 says it reduces the time it takes to craft an item, disassemble an item, upgrade perks and attributes, and pick up bodies.

It also makes a few combat interactions faster and more responsive, including aiming down sights, blocking melee attacks, and performing light melee attacks.

These last few could make a pretty significant difference in combat, particularly for melee and close range firearms-focused builds. Cyberpunk 2077’s melee combat system can be a bit floaty and imprecise, and those boxing matches can be extremely tricky thanks to the timing for blocking in the vanilla game. Quicker ADS means pistols and SMGs will snap into aiming position faster, which is vital if you prefer going toe to toe with your enemies.

Head to Nexus mods to pick up Stuff Done Faster. You might also want to check out our list of the best Cyberpunk 2077 mods for some other nice additions you can pick up while you’re there, such as the series of mods that adds more native languages for Night City’s denizens.