The Office Easter egg found in Cyberpunk 2077

A popular scene from the US version hides in Night City

A man is walking past a shop.

Cyberpunk 2077 is littered with nods and references to sci-fi and videogames, and some that go beyond that, too. One keen eyed player has found an Easter egg for The Office – the US version – within the streets of Night City.

Posted on Reddit by u/Racketygecko, a post-mission conversation in the RPG game is basically a beat-for-beat redo of a memorable gag from The Office. It comes after the side-quest ‘Big In Japan’, where V has to retrieve and bring back a package from the docks. This is no ordinary payload, of course, as it turns out to be a person, that you’ve to keep alive as you break them out and bring them back to Dennis, who eagerly awaits the arrival of Haruyoshi, a world class brain surgeon.

If you hang around to hear why you had to save him, you get the Easter egg in his explanation. Haruyoshi tells a story about accidentally killing a Tyger Claw boss on the operating table, and coming to America after. Except, it was no accident, because the world’s best surgeon makes no mistakes. Some minor alterations aside, this whole bit is from an episode of The Office, ‘Happy Hour’, in Season 6, involving Craig Robinson’s Darryl Philbin, and Hidetoshi Imura’s Hidetoshi Hasagawa, whom Dennis and Haruyoshi are based on here, respectively.

Here’s the two clips played one after another:

“The Office” Reference In Cyberpunk from r/cyberpunkgame

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