Cyberpunk 2077 – Flying Drugs gig guide

Here’s how you can complete the Flying Drugs gig using a variety of builds

The Flying Drugs gig is a great way to earn some extra eddies in Cyberpunk 2077 early on. You can find this opportunity in the Badlands, the area swarming with Nomads. Dakota Smith, a fixer operating in the Badlands, gives you the location of a missing drug delivery drone. Your job is to stop the Wraith gang from stealing any more drones by shutting down their signal located on a rooftop.

It’s important to tackle as many gigs as you can in order to earn some Street Cred. This will give you access to new fixers and vendors, allowing you to tackle more difficult missions and purchase better items. Finding some of these gigs tough? Be sure to look at our Cyberpunk 2077 best perks guide to see whether you’ve selected the right perks for your build. This guide does contain spoilers for this quest, so only continue if you want to know what the gig involves, as well as every possible outcome.

The signal is coming from an isolated communications building. This gig won’t be a walk in the park as the building is fortified and teeming with Wraiths both inside and out. No matter what type of Cyberpunk 2077 build you’ve constructed, there will be a way for you to complete this gig in a number of different ways.

Choosing your approach

If you’ve had some time to scope out the area, you might’ve spotted the turrets located on the outside of the building. These turrets can make quick work of the Wraiths depending on what build you’ve settled on. Builds featuring the Body stat, along with the Gorilla Arms cyberware can rip the turrets from their perch to use them like miniguns. Hackers can use the turrets against the Wraiths by having them automatically fire at the gang members.

There’s plenty of cover surrounding the tower, and if you’ve picked up the Kerenzikov or Sandevistan cyberware, you should be able to run around with ease. This route will force you to fight the Wraiths head on, so it’s worth remembering to stun enemies using quickhacks if you find yourself surrounded. You can avoid a close range fight altogether by picking off the Wraiths one by one with a sniper rifle.

Netrunners will want to focus on the security cameras dotted around the area. Gaining access to the cameras will give you the opportunity to distract any patrolling Wraiths. This is the perfect time to strike if you’ve gone for a stealth build – keep in mind that enemies hit by non-lethal takedowns can wake up once found by their fellow gang members. If you’re looking to cause as little bloodshed as possible, a stealth build with the Hidden Dragon perk is the way to go.

Making your way through the tower

Head to the back entrance of the building to avoid a large number of enemies. There will be some patrolling Wraiths nearby, so stay alert and try to pick them off as you go. Once you’re inside the building, the double jump ability from the Boosted Tendons cyberware will help you save a lot of time.

If you haven’t managed to acquire this ability just yet, you’ll have to go through the building with brute force. Dealing with multiple enemies in an enclosed space is perfect for a brawler build as your enemies have nowhere to go. As long as you’ve got some protective armour, your cyber-enhanced fists will make quick work of any Wraiths that stand in your way.

Once you’ve made it onto the roof, you’ll need to deal with the transmitter. Hackers can handle this easily, providing you have enough technical ability. Otherwise, you can simply destroy the antenna with a quickhack, melee weapon, or gun.

There we have it, a short and sweet gig that’ll earn you a decent amount of rewards. Looking for more gig guides for even more eddies and Street Cred? You’ll want to check out our Sweet Dreams and Woman of la Mancha guides to breeze through these gigs.

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