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Cyberpunk 2077 mod turns Night City into The Matrix

Cyberpunk 2077 mod Matrix Reshade transforms Night City into the Wachowski’s digital fantasy world, combining the sci-fi genre’s best and buggiest

Cyberpunk 2077 and The Matrix seem like the perfect partnership, but it’s only now, thanks to the release of a brand new mod, that the two sci-fi giants have finally glitched together.

Matrix Colour Grading Reshade (why be clever with your names when you can just be accurate?) is the fine work of a modder named Rexiii, and it adds a wallrunning, bullet-dodging, trenchcoat-wearing punch up to CD Projekt Red’s sprawling RPG by painting over Night City in those trademark Matrix greens and greys. Granted, Cyberpunk 2077 might not make for the most convincing simulation – if every time we stepped outside there were motorcycles flying through the air, or people on park benches randomly standing up, and T-posing and spinning around, the machine’s subterfuge would be unlikely to last five minutes. But Keanu Reeves is in there, and he’s bound to feel much more at home in the dull-green, DOS-interface world that made him (even more) famous.

The mod’s available for free and it’s very easy to install. Just download the free game reshade tool Rexiii has added to the file notes, then drop the mod files into Cyberpunk’s game folder. You can adjust the strength of the Matrix filter from slightly tinged to full-blown Reloaded freeway chase, and there’s an option to toggle it off and on on the fly.

Rexiii has also uploaded some handy comparison images, so you can see what you’re getting before fully jacking in. Once you’ve got it installed, we challenge you to walk into 2nd Amendment in The Glenn without muttering to yourself “I need guns. Lots of guns,” or resist marking each upgrade of your bruiser build by announcing “I know kung fu”.

We’re still waiting on a really great Matrix game – and no, 2003’s Enter the Matrix does not count. Until then, Cyberpunk, in these loving Wachowski tones, will do just fine.