Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you craft your own android companions

Cyberpunk 2077 mod Drone Companions adds a new operating system to CDPR’s sci-fi RPG, allowing you to craft your own battling, robot pals

Cyberpunk 2077 smart weapons mod: A woman holding a pistol stands in front of an abstract art wall lit with pink neon light, she has a razor-cut hairstyle and a tall collar on her motorcycle-style jacket

Cyberpunk 2077 mods have already transformed Night City into The Matrix, and given us the gift of flying cars, but if you need an extra, metal hand when it comes to combat, or maybe just a friendly robot buddy, this latest fan creation might be for you.

Drone Companions by a modder named Scissors adds an entirely new operating system into Cyberpunk 2077 called the TechDeck. It functions similarly to the CyberDeck, except equipping it allows players to use a variety of components to instantaneously construct robot companions. The TechDecks come in rare, epic, and legendary qualities, and are available at a variety of locations as listed on Drone Companions’ Nexus Mods page – recipes for different androids and robots can be found at weapon vendors.

The mod adds a new tab to the crafting screen, pushing out Cyberwave to the attachments category. You construct drones using a range of new crafting components (which once you install the mod will appear at shops and on NPCs) and they come in several varieties: flying drones, the more human-like androids, and the mighty mechs. There is also an option to upgrade your ‘bots using TechHacks, which add abilities like an invisibility cloak or increased speed. Scissors has provided a handy demonstration video that you can see below, and there’s also a crafting guide created by GZMods.

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Installation is relatively straightforward, and all explained on the Nexus Mods page — since this is a pretty big addition to Cyberpunk, we recommend reading through all Scissors’ explanations, especially on the finer points of how to craft.

Also note that in combat, your droid companions are much more likely to attack enemies that you have already targeted, and if you’re building one of the mechs, you can only have one at a time – they’re pretty chunky after all.

Drone Companions is available for free on Nexus Mods.