Xbox One exclusive D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is coming to PC

D4 coming to PC

It seems like most Xbox One exclusives are fated to shed those shackles and appear on PC. Dead Rising 3, Ryse and now D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die. It’s a peculiar episodic adventure from the eccentric mind of Swery65 of Deadly Premonition fame. 

D4 launched as an Xbox One exclusive last year, but Swery65 confirmed, on Twitter, that it would be making its way over to PC. 

Players control a Private Investigator, David Young, with a murdered wife and the ability to travel through time. Items discovered by Young on his investigation into his wife’s murder get his time travel ability all fired up, sending him through the time tubes to specific events.

While D4 could be controlled using a regular Xbox One controller, it was designed for Kinect and gesture controls, which makes it a bit of an unusual port, what with it being so intertwined with the console.