Danganronpa 2 will also come to PC following the first game announces Spike Chunsoft


Update 19 Jan, 2016: Spike Chunsoft have announced Danganronpa 2 PC is also happening.

Siliconera are reporting Spike Chunsoft have confirmed that, following the release of the PC version of Danganronpa, the sequel will also come to PC. It’s in the same genre and follows a similar group of classmates, but in a whole new setting.

If that doesn’t sound like your sort of thing, perhaps one of the best games on PC will be more to your liking.

In the same article, they say Chunsoft have claimed “the Danganronpa series is only the start.” While it’s certainly their most well-known series, they do publish a lot of games every year, including a large number of licensed titles. It’s very possible the small but dedicated fanbases for these games would make it worth pushing them to Steam with basic ports, particularly if they were originally designed for handhelds and therefore can be emulated much easier.

Update 18 Jan, 2016:A trailer has appeared for the PC version of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

After their minor teasing, Spike Chunsoft have dropped the trailer for Danganronpa PC and launched its Steam page. Have a look at the testament to how difficult it is to make visual novels look interesting below.

Between the 2D art, conversation focus and slightly dodgy English voice-acting, it’s not an easy game to sell via normal means.

But! You should probably still be excited if you like exploratory, wordy or puzzle-solvy games, because I think this is the console exclusive I’ve had the most people tell me I should play, ever. A few shots in the trailer, and on the Steam page, would suggest the move from Vita isn’t going to be completely smooth, with a lot of it built for far smaller screens than ours, but it’s worth it to finally see what the fuss is about.

Release date is scheduled for February, with no pre-orders or precise dates yet available. There is mention of a Limited Edition that will reward the soundtrack for early purchasers. Also no word so far if this release will be accompanied by one for the sequel, spin-off or upcoming third game in the main series, but presumably it’s all down to sales and reception.

Original Story 15 Jan, 2016:Danganronpa looks set to release on Steam. ‘Great’, I hear you say, ‘But what’s a Danganronpa?’ It’s a visual novel in a similar style to Ace Attorney, where a group of students have to solve a murder. No worries.

The Danganronpa series, made up of two main entries and a spin-off, has always been quite popular in the West on Vita, and it looks like the waters are about to be tested to see if it’s received as well on PC.

There’s not a lot you can say about a series that’s literally only story and characters without spoiling anything, but the word ‘Danganronpa’ literally translates into ‘winning an argument with a bullet’. That’s how I win all my arguments in videogames, so I’m sold.

While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, Spike Chunsoft teased the port on Twitter. See the tease for yourself below and draw your own conclusion: