Dangerous Golf is Burnout’s crash mode with a very angry golf ball

Dangerous golf

A batch of ex-Criterion devs, those behind crashy, bashy racer Burnout, have formed Three Fields Entertainment to independently develop a new game in the same mold but with an entirely different starring role. Dangerous Golf is as much about traditional golfing as Red Alert is about the history of warfare. It features one on-fire golf ball destroying stuff at high speed in a battle for big scores. It’s aiming to be pass the pad couch-based gaming, but supports online multiplayer and will doubtlessly end in a lot of YouTube montage clips.

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Dangerous Golf was announced kinda out of nowhere earlier this week, with a debut date of May for PC and the newest generation of consoles. It’s to have a hundred levels of plate smashing, building destroying fun on launch, set across four highly destructible locations. These are a medival castle, palace ballroom, hotel kitchen and gas station – that last sounds a little more dangerous than the previous.

The team behind it say they’re taking a shot at golf because it’s the most boring sport, and they wanted to see what happened if they just did what they liked with the concept. Take out the idea of hitting a perfect hole-in-one through the sky and start wrecking the joint.

Sadly there’s nothing more than a few screenshots so far, but with release so close I’d expect a trailer with more details soon. Naturally, it’s built on every physics engine under the sun, so what are you most excited to knock pieces out of with small, round objects?