Explosion in one: Dangerous Golf trailer blows up your kitchen

Dangerous Golf trailer

Alright, so you’ve finished your critically acclaimed driving series with a reputation for crashes and flying physics bits, what do you next? As far as Three Fields are concerned, the dev studio made up of ex-Burnout developers, you do a golf game. Dangerous Golf is exactly that – golf in places where golf really shouldn’t be taking place. Kitchens, palaces, gas stations the possibilities are endless, and this new trailer shows what it will look like.

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Definitely not for fans of undamaged crockery.

I do like that you need to finish by actually getting it into the hole, it’d be missing structure otherwise. The genre of “physics, lols” has never been one for me, and while this is definitely looking a lot prettier than your average, it’s not leaving me satisfied. The chaos feels a bit bland, the impacts not having weight behind them, and the locale too mundane to be extraordinary.

Multiplayer might be the saviour, which the game has in spades – co-op modes and up to 8 players all smashing it out in pursuit of high scores. It’ll hit Steam in June this year.