Dangerous Golf debuts without keyboard and mouse support on PC

Dangerous Golf trailer

We don’t know where we’d be without a keyboard and mouse. Well, our articles would certainly be a lot shorter, for starters. We know where Dangerous Golf players are without theirs, though – gripping onto their Xbox controllers.

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Developer Three Fields Entertainment has revealed that the game has launched on PC without support for keyboard and mouse controls, with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller the only (official) port of call.

“Dangerous Golf does not support mouse and keyboard play,” the studio revealed on Steam’s forums in response to a customer query.

“Unfortunately there is no native Windows support for PlayStation 4 controllers. Third party tools do exist. We suggest you refer to the Steam forums for support as there are many discussions there about this issue. We have had no issues to date with the 360 or Xbox One controllers. We don’t have any control over the PlayStation 4 controller – Windows doesn’t officially support it.”

Dangerous Golf has more than a hint of Burnout behind it, which is no surprise given Three Fields was formed by Criterion founders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward. It launched on PC yesterday and, so far, has garnered mixed reviews from the critics. We sure as hell liked the trailer, though!