Dap is an eerie Pikmin and Princess Mononoke mashup, out on Steam this month

Dap on the haters.

A Dap approaches an odd being in a dimly lit forest

Remember those wee forest spirits – Kodama, if you’re fancy – from Princess Mononoke? Well, imagine them at the centre of a Pikmin-like horror action-adventure game and you’ve got Dap. It’s an upcoming PC game that lands on Steam on September 29.

The game tasks you with gathering and protecting a pack of fragile pals that are called Daps. Something “incomprehensible” and “sinister” has slithered into their forest from a crack in reality, so it’s your job to guide them home through a faintly illuminated, crunchy pixel art world filled with threats, puzzles, and an infection that’ll turn your glowing white companions into something haunted if you let it.

Adding more Daps to your flock will lead you to become stronger, though you run a greater risk of one of them becoming infected if you linger in one spot for too long, which could lead to the pack turning on itself. Dap also comes with plenty of moments to break the tension too, as you’ll be able to ascend to the spirit level to tend a lovely wee garden. Dap also tasks you with scavenging and crafting to survive down on the ground, so you can put those resource management skills to good use.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

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