The official Dark and Darker coffee is here to soothe your Steam woes

Dark and Darker, the Ironmace RPG game, may still be absent from Steam, but an official coffee and mug based on the dungeon crawler are here to warm your heart.

If the Dark and Darker Steam snafu is getting you down, and you wish the Ironmace RPG game would just pop back onto Valve’s store, we have a lot of good news for you right now. While we wait for the next Dark and Darker playtest, and the dungeon crawler’s possible return to the mainstream gaming store, a new, official Dark and Darker coffee just launched, complete with a medieval-style wooden tankard and a pretty swish collector’s box. Feeling worn out from all that playing and slaying? This could be what you need.

Partnering with drinks manufacturer Madrinas, the Dark and Darker Limited Edition Collector’s Box (‘limited’ and ‘collector’s’ – that’s pretty exclusive) contains a bag of Dark Roast Cold Brew, and a bag of Darker Roast Whole Bean coffee. One’s called ‘dark,’ the other is called ‘darker,’ get it?

The official Dark and Darker coffee is here to soothe your Steam woes: A giant wooden tankard with the logo for RPG game Dark and Darker

You also get a handcrafted wooden tankard and, of course, the Limited Edition Collector’s Box. All told, the Dark and Darker coffee set will run you $49.99 (£39.99), with orders shipping in July of this year. Stocks are limited, and the bundle is only available for a limited time. You can check it out here.

But that’s not all the good Dark and Darker news we have for you today. Despite legal issues with publisher Nexon, there seems to be the possibility that Dark and Darker could actually be returning to Steam with a new playtest in the near future. Now imagine jumping back into it while you sip your warm, official coffee from your special wooden tankard? That sounds lovely.

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