Dark and Darker devs “do not enjoy the way we have to communicate”

Dark and Darker news comes from Ironmace following the relative silence amid the Nexon legal battle, as the studio doesn't like how quiet it is being.


Dark and Darker news update has come from the developers at Ironmace regarding the studio’s relative quiet on the state of the RPG game amid the ongoing Dark and Darker legal battle with Nexon, with the team saying they do not enjoy having to remain silent ahead of the Dark and Darker release date.

As of publication Dark and Darker is still not back up on Steam after the legal troubles with publisher Nexon despite signs it may be returning soon, and now one of the Ironmace admins has responded to player concerns about communication and a lack of information regarding the current status of the game.

“Hold and trust us,” Ironmace admin Graysun says on the game’s Discord, before following up with this statement regarding perceived vague communication.

“I do it to show I am here and watching. When there is information ready to be shared, we will share it with you all as soon as possible. We are not ready to share anything right now, so please be patient. We also do not enjoy the way we have to communicate but that is the way it is right now.


Nexon sued Ironmace over Dark and Darker earlier this year, as the former alleges copyright infringement from the latter. Some developers at Ironmace were previously employed by Nexon, and the publisher says Iromace has stolen assets from one of its own projects, which Ironmace categorically denies.

While there have been multiple playtests for Dark and Darker, and even a demo, leading up to a full release we currently have little idea of when that will be, or if it will even happen, amid the legal battle between Nexon and Ironmace. Early access has already been delayed while the lawsuit is ongoing, and a “sophisticated” DDoS attack also hit Ironmace during one round of playtests as well.

This Dark and Darker coffee should soothe your Steam woes, but if it doesn’t we’ve got the very best fantasy games and upcoming games for PC, with plenty to choose from to fill that Dark and Darker shaped hole in your heart.