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Dark and Darker is still doing well on Steam one month after launch

Dark and Darker, a fantasy RPG that calls to mind Arx Fatalis and Darkest Dungeon, is maintaining a strong player count a month on.

Dark and Darker is still doing well on Steam one month after launch: An eldery man with grey hair holds an axe, from Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker has had a tough time heading into its Steam Early Access launch. A throwback dungeon crawler that owes as much to classics like Wizardry, King’s Field, Ultima Underworld, Eye of the Beholder, and Arx Fatalis, as it does modern takes on the genre like Darkest Dungeon or the Legend of Grimrock games, Dark and Darker vanished from Steam and spent much of last year embroiled in legal issues before finally returning to the platform last month. Since then, it’s faced criticism from players upset with the difference between its paid and F2P versions, leading to mixed reviews. Still, despite these troubles, it’s managed to maintain a healthy player base, continuing to foster an active community a month since its relaunch.

Dark and Darker came to Early Access on Friday June 7 and, since then, the RPG game has held onto a fairly robust player count. The dungeon crawler hit its all time player peak of 57,164 on Sunday June 23. Its 24 hour peak of 37,880 players is still very impressive, and the 32,457 players in game at the time of writing isn’t too far behind that figure.

Dark and Darker is still doing well on Steam one month after launch: A screenshot of Dark and Darker's July 8 player count.

Its recent reviews on Steam are also doing well, with Dark and Darker currently holding a 74% Mostly Positive rating based on 32,976 player reviews. If you’d like to dive in yourself and make up your own mind, you can head over to the game’s store page to check it out.

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