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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan releases on PC this summer

Man of Medan gets a PC release date for August

We’ve finally got a release date for The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. Supermassive Games had a surprise hit with the launch of horror title Until Dawn back in 2015, but that game was only accessible to PlayStation fans. The studio’s follow-up is going multiplatform courtesy of publisher Bandai Namco, and yes – that includes PC.

August 30, 2019 is the release date for Man of Medan across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and “PC digital.” The game doesn’t yet have a Steam page, but you will find Steam logos in both the pre-order splash of the trailer below and on the PC box mockup on the official site, so – if you’re particular about your digital store purchases – it seems safe to say that Valve’s store is a priority here.

Pre-orders will get early access to a special feature called the Curator’s Cut, which will include ‘previously unavailable scenes,’ in addition to the chance to see new perspectives on the story, make new choices, and uncover additional info about what’s going on. The mode opens up after the main story is complete, and it will be made available to everyone for free in an update later this year.

Like Until Dawn, the Dark Pictures Anthology will focus on big choice moments that affect the outcome of the story and the fate of the characters.

You can get some hints about the kind of choices you’ll be making in the trailer above.

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Man of Medan is priced at $29.99, and all indication point toward it being smaller in scope than Until Dawn. As the name implies, Supermassive plans further entries in the Dark Pictures Anthology, which will essentially serve as episodic stories.