Man of Medan scores – our roundup of the critics

The critics' scores for Supermassive Games' interactive horror game Man of Medan are in

The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan

Supermassive Games’ interactive horror title The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is just around the corner. The game, made by the devs who brought us 2015’s Until Dawn, looks set to bring jump scares, important branching narrative paths, and some big consequences to your actions when it drops on August 30. Verdicts are in, and it looks like critics’ responses have been pretty positive so far.

IGN says the game “offers an unnerving horror adventure with consequences that felt directly linked to my actions” and praises its two-player co-op mode, describing playing with a partner as “a blast.” PC Gamer says “Man of Medan is a graphical stunner supported by unnerving voyeuristic camera angles” and similarly highlights its fun co-op mode. Along the same lines, GamesRadar’s verdict is that “at its best Man of Medan delivers a confident and well crafted horror experience with a genuinely clever two player mode.”

However, some critics note that the game is perhaps a little slow to get going in the introductory stage, and that the quick-time prompts in the game can be a little tricky – it looks like you’ll have to be quick on the draw if you want to save your favourite characters from the horrors of the Ourang Medan.

And now to the Man of Medan scores:

PC Gamer81/100
Trusted Reviews3.5/5
Venture Beat88/100
The Sixth Axis7/10
US Gamer3/5

Man of Medan will arrive on August 30. If you pre-order it, you’ll get access to the Curator’s Cut special feature, which includes new scenes to play, new characters’ perspectives to see, choices to make, and extra story information.