Dark Souls 3 release date is April 2016, has a whole new magic system and Estus Flask

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 has been dated for North America and Europe and will launch in April 2016, just a month later than it’s Japanese counterpart. When it lands, players will be able to discover a very different approach to magic casting, which is broadly split into two methods: spells and miracles.

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Spells are offensive magics, while miracles are broadly defensive and buffs. Spells include the likes of Soul Arrow (a magic missile), Soul Dart (a quicker, weaker magic missile), and Soul Greatsword (a magic slash attack). Miracles come in the shape of things like Sacred Oath, which buffs defensive and offensive stats, and a Heal, but also includes some damage-dealing magic like Lightning Spear.

Both spells and miracles can be cast in two forms: a quick cast, or a more powerful variant bound to a different key, performed by holding down and charging the cast button.

Magic drains a mana bar, which is restored by using a new flask known as the Ash Estus Flask.

Gameplay features haven’t quite been locked down, so From Software warn that things could still change between now and release, but overall it seems like Dark Souls 3 will have a much more robust magic system, with a fairly traditional mana-style approach to management.

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