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Dark Souls 3 release times, patches and other details to distract you from the next 12 hours of waiting

Dark Souls 3 release times

The wait for Dark Souls 3 is almost over and you can just about taste the ashen feeling of failure and dejection. Mmm-mmm, can’t wait for that hot gulp of death. While far too many have already had their shot at it, for us mere mortals - not counting Fraser, who thinks it’s ace and says as much in our Dark Souls 3 PC review - just over an hour remains. Here’s when you’ll be able to play and some other last minute pre-release facts.

Worried about performance? Here’s our Dark Souls 3 PC port review - it passes, and there’s been patches to the build since.

Dark Souls 3 will unlock on Steam at 3pm PST today. Here’s when that is in various timezones:

  • UK: 11pm, April 11
  • Central Europe: 12am, April 12
  • Eastern Europe: 1am, April 12
  • Eastern US: 6pm, April 11
  • Central US: 5pm, April 11
  • Mountain US: 4pm, April 11
  • Japan: three weeks ago, you absolute sods.

At least, that’s the plan. Steam’s promised release and actual go-time don’t always match up, so don’t panic if you’re not playing by 15:01. 

If you’ve already pre-ordered, you can begin pre-loading now. It’s a 25 gigabyte game, so expect the pre-load to be roughly that large and plan accordingly - at a meg a second that will take around seven hours. Remember that once it’s unlocked your computer will need a little downtime to decrypt everything, and that it can take a while on slower CPUs. You might be better off starting tomorrow if you’re over here in Europe, rather than attempting to push through those first bosses at 1am.

Those who have pre-purchased via third party sites should have started to receive their codes. Green Man Gaming have confirmed they’re starting to send out keys:

That was sent early this morning, so if you still don’t have a key you’re owed from them, check your account page and maybe give them a nudge. If you’ve ordered from another retailer, they should have the key with you by now, so worth popping them an e-mail and asking for an ETA if not.

Meanwhile, anyone worried about reported performance issues will probably be interested in this thread on Reddit detailing a patch that went live to pre-release builds and dramatically helped with issues in certain areas. Apparently, much like with the original game, the special effects used and sheer size of some zones were causing massive slowdown that has now been fixed on a variety of setups.

You remembered to take a week off work like our Editor Joel, right? He says it's for a holiday but we know the truth.

Here's a video we made of the first hour...


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nu1mlock avatarMaliceAlyce avatarPrime avatarKairel avatar
nu1mlock Avatar
2 Years ago

Please note that the pre-load is 17.2GB and the PC version will unlock in Japan the same time as everyone else on Steam - it has not been available for three weeks.

MaliceAlyce Avatar
2 Years ago

Is it possible to get a physical copy of the pc version anywhere to avoid that download? :/

Prime Avatar
2 Years ago

I doubt it has been out for 3 weeks in Japan on Steam. The steam stats say there has only been a peak of 75 players. Surely it would be more if it has been out in japan for 3 weeks.

Kairel Avatar
2 Years ago

Run like shit, sorry por that but we have a lot of problems, mi gpu runs wither 3, fallout 4 but no ds3 why? i don't know, reports of crashes in the first bonfire, floting enemys, i run it in the lowest config and still run like shit, i think they release an alpha build because similar setups have diferents problems, this is a very disappointment issue.