Dark Souls 3’s Estus Flask Edition strategy guide will cost a lot more than the game

Dark Souls 3

Strategy guide developer Prima Games are launching a special edition strategy guide for Dark Souls 3 that comes with a greatsword bookmark and an actual estus flask. Rejuvenating liquid presumably sold separately.

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Priced at $129.99, the strategy guide bundle is a limited run and comes with a “high quality” resin replica of the emerald green estus flask, a metal Wolf Knight’s Greatsword bookmark, a journal styled after Dark Souls’ Darksign and the strategy guide itself, which comes as a hardcover wrapped in a jacket featuring artwork from the game.

According to Prima Games this limited edition bundle will only be printed once. “When they are sold out, they will be gone forever!” says the official blurb.

It’s not available through a UK retailer just yet, but you can get it shipped from Amazon US. The strategy guide is also available without all the good stuff, of course. The various versions of Prima Games’ Dark Souls 3 strategy guide will launch on April 12.