Darks Souls 3 footage shows battle with a dirty great tree monster

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3! It’s more of that brutally punishing action you chaps like so much, with all the rolling and hitting things and them hitting you and killing you. By now you know exactly what you’re getting in terms of experience, but the nitty gritty details are still anyone’s guess. A few of those details – like what kind of beasties you’ll be facing – are de-fogged in this four-minute gameplay trailer.

The trailer is, naturally, unrepresentative of gameplay since the player doesn’t die much (or, indeed, at all). But it does show off a pretty incredible boss fight with the largest tree monster I’ve ever seen. If the Ents brought him along for the siege of Isengard, the whole thing would have been over in sixty seconds.

There’s also a bit where a character wears a tricorne hat, which I highly approve of. Nice fashion sense, Dark Souls 3 man.

Dark Souls 3 will become a thing you can own on 24th March 2016 if you are Japanese, or sometime in April if you’re anywhere else.