First Dark Souls 3 in-game footage shown at Gamescom, has dragons and big spooky faces


In something of a coup, Microsoft debuted the first public look at what the world and monsters of Dark Souls 3 will be like at their Gamescom media briefing (which is still going on, you can tune in here). The third game is being directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, who directed the first game and Bloodborne, the sadly console-exclusive werewolves ‘n’ gothic horror spin-off.

What’s really getting me about the third iteration is the theme of the world now being far beyond decay. It’s properly destroyed, dead dragons slumped across buildings, crowds of undead, massive wraiths – even the bonfires have gone out, giving you a little more choice where to save by letting you decide which to light.

From all reports, Souls 3 will be a little closer to Bloodborne’s fast paced action than the slower, more methodical nature the series has had in the past. Hopefully that doesn’t mean eschewing my trust tower shield completely. Fatty roll for life.

It’s coming in 2016 for the newest-gen consoles and PC. Dark Souls 2 launched simultaneously on each platform, so hopefully that continues whoops, no it didn’t. Hopefully this one does! It was a fairly fantastic port, so no performance worries.