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From Software opens dedicated art studio in Fukuoka


Japanese development studio From Software, best known for their Dark Souls series, are opening a new studio in Fukuoka, Japan, next month. The company plans to have the studio fully operational by January 2016.

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The main function of the studio will be creating 3D CG assets and supporting From Software’s main Tokyo studio. The company is currently advertising openings for 3D environmental and character artists to join the team, so if you’re qualified, and interested in applying, check out the press release for the details.

From Software seems to be enjoying deserved success lately for its unique style of game that’s almost become a genre in itself. The company recently worked with Sony to make the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne, but even that couldn’t escape the shorthand ‘Souls’ game.

Games in the Souls series are known for their mysterious worlds, environmental storytelling and tough, tactical, real-time combat. The latest game in the series, Dark Souls 3, just had its Japanese console release date revealed, and hopefully the Western PC release won’t be too far behind.

Like Platinum Games, it looks like From Software is a Japanese studio on the rise. Are you a fan of their work? Let us know why in the comments.