The Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC launch times, and how to access the new area

Dark Souls 3 Ringed City

It’s almost time to polish up your armour and wade back into Dark Souls 3, because the Ringed City is almost upon us. Possibly the final piece of Souls content ever, you’re going to want to get into it as quickly as possible, stepping into uncharted lands before spoilers start to drop. 

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With that in mind, you will want to know exactly when you can get stuck in, so you can beat the bosses before anyone else. We’ve got you covered.

The DLC launches tonight, March 27, and here are the release times by region:

  • 11pm BST
  • 3pm PDT
  • 5pm CDT
  • 01:30am MS (March 28)
  • 3:30am IST (March 28)

Additionally, you might be wondering how you actually start the DLC. Well, there are two ways. First off, you can beat all the Lords of Cinder, place their remains at the thrones in Firelink Shrine, then head to the game’s final area – Kiln of the First Flame. Just before the final boss should be a bonfire that will teleport you to the first area of the Ringed City.

Alternatively, if you’ve finished Ashes of Ariandel, you can head to Ariandel Chapel and walk to the back of the flaming room. At the far end will be another place you can teleport from.