Dark Souls board game brings Ornstein and Smough to your tabletop, kickstarts April 19

Dark Souls board game Ormstein Smough

For those of you already rinsing your way through Dark Souls 3 and awaiting the next diabolical challenge, you won’t need to wait long.

Steamforged Games, acclaimed creators of the fantasy football miniatures game Guild Ball, have announced further details of the Dark Souls board game including an April 19 Kickstarter launch date.

Other tidbits from the announcement reveal that settings and enemies will be taken from all Dark Souls games up to the latest, third instalment, with the team deciding which iconic bosses to include.

“As Dark Souls fans, and with the entirety of the Dark Souls universe available to us, one of the hardest decision has been to narrow down which enemies and bosses to include in the core game,” says a post on the Steamforged website. “We wanted to be sure to use both old favorites as well as new enemies from Dark Souls 3.”

So far, the only confirmed boss is Ornstein and Smough, probably as missing them out would cause an uproar loud enough to wake up the Lords of Cinder.

The bosses will be rendered into detailed miniatures for the finished game, and combat is set to be strategic and centred around stamina management for that classic Souls feel.

The game itself is focused on exploration and, given the “core game” mentions, could be open to expansion sets if demand is met or exceeded.