Kindle your inner hipster with the Dark Souls vinyl soundtrack


Amid all the hyperbolic talk of its difficulty, the brilliance of Dark Souls’ soundtracks can get overlooked. But brilliant they are, and they’re releasing on vinyl this autumn.

We reckon Dark Souls is one of the best RPGs on PC.

Publishers Bandai Namco are going for a premium feel. Only 2,000 copies will be made available, each packaged in a numbered ‘collector’s box’ containing nine records – three for each of the three Dark Souls games.

In total, that’s more than five hours of audio, in the format that supposedly offers the richest sound quality – a fitting exhibition for the work of composers Motoi Sakuraba and Yuka Kitamura, though Bandai Namco don’t say if the collection will include the DLC tracks. One would hope so.

If I owned a record player, I know I’d love to hear Sif’s theme in vinyl. The soundtracks will be available on the new Bandai Namco store in a few months – we’ll have more details nearer the time.