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Topic of the Week: Your Dark Souls stories

Dark Souls stories

Happy Dark Souls week, if that's a thing you celebrate. If it's not: sorry for all the ash everywhere, things'll be back to normal soon. We try to tailor our Topic of the Week to be exactly that - relevant to what everyone's discussing at the moment, and nothing's bigger than this week's major release. But what to talk about? So many of the conversations around Dark Souls are played out or at the very least we've talked about before. The difficulty. The world-building. Which is your favourite (I'm a Dark Souls 2 guy, sue me). But there's one thing it generates like almost no other - stories.

If you've got in-depth thoughts on the latest iteration, why not let us know on BetterCritic?

So tell us of your triumphs against adversity, your hilarious deaths, that one time you killed four people with no assistance or healing. I will begin:

While streaming the first game back during one of my several attempts to enjoy it - none of which were successful until the sequel came out - I was wondering the Depths. Having posted the stream on Twitter, I knew a few of my good 'friends' were watching or at least were aware that I was playing online. Among them, PCGamesN news man and all around Lincoln Superhero Kirk McKeand. Upon being invaded by Knight Kirk, I thought McKeand, as is his natural instinct, was bullying a poor noobie on his first run.

After a ferocious battle from which I emerged as a great victor, I started bragging. On stream, on Twitter, to McKeand directly. Not wanting to admit his defeat he acted confused and I thought him no fun and a coward to boot and continued on my merry way. For those that do not know their Dark Souls, I'll leave this link to the wiki as explanation of where I went a tad wrong.

I have many more, but do not wish to bore. Please, elaborate your own below.

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Fraser Brown Avatar
2 Years ago

I spent many hours attempting to defeat a particular boss (I won't spoil which one), travelling from the bonfire and back to it time and time again. Just getting there was a challenge, unless I wanted to sacrifice an Estus charge. On what must have been my tenth attempt, I discovered another path, and a gate, and then it dawned on me that I'd uncovered a shortcut. I killed the boss before I could use it.

Ben Barrett Avatar
2 Years ago

classic ending

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

I cant play Dark Souls as Im afraid....afraid...afraid. My imagination goes crazy with what I know of the Lore. I love reading/watching lore vids and people play but, Ill never play it....that and I cant afford it right now as im paying for a wedding...ffs... :D

KeefBaker Avatar
2 Years ago

After a number of hours fighting to get to and trying to defeat a boss I realised life was too short for this shit and started playing something I actually enjoyed so my precious downtime wasn't wasted screaming in frustration at a screen.