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Dark Souls mod unlocks new resolutions for the PC port


Demanding sods that we are, we forced poor From Software to port Dark Souls to PC, even though they admitted they weren’t very good at making PC games. It’s like when you’re asked to do the dishes and you deliberately smash all the plates before screaming “well you shouldn’t have let me do it then!” as you run crying past your mum. It’s exactly like that, except instead of a broken saucer we have a Dark Souls that’s locked into a grubby 1024×720 pixel quagmire, with no option to change the resolution. But wait! The first Dark Souls mod has arrived, and it releases the game from its resolution-cage, allowing you to bump up the graphics ’til your heart be contented! PC games.

Spotted by Eurogamer, the unofficial Dark Souls mod patches in resolution options with a mere 80kb of code. You can download it from the Meta Class of Nil blog, and install it by slipping a new .dll file into the game’s directory and entering your custom resolution into a text file. Easy as that.

Here’s what it looked like before:

And now, more pixels than you know what to do with:

Of course, being a rough and ready hack, there’s no guarantee that the mod will be stable across the entire game. Still, the thought of modders beating this rough port into shape with better textures and uncapped frameratesis terribly exciting, and probablyworth whatever stability issues they may introduce. Probably.