Dark Souls’ pendant explained


Even as you have been playing Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki has been playing you. If you remember, the Dark Souls director had you choose one ‘gift’ to begin the game with. Some had genuine and unique purpose, like the binoculars or skeleton key, but Miyazaki himself personally recommended another – the pendant. Fans have hacked and slashed their way into every corner of the game to find its true purpose, and now Miyazaki is prepared to reveal what it was. But you’re not going to like it.


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“When it comes to the pendant,” Miyazaki told IGN in an interview. “I actually had a little bit of an intention to play a prank.”

Hear that sound? It’s as if a million souls suddenly sucked air through their teeth in irritation, and were suddenly silenced by a thousand gargoyles pushing them off a thousand bridges. Again.

Let’s lick each others’ wounds, then. Did you pick the pendant?

Thanks, Eurogamer.