This mod puts Dark Souls 3’s UI into the original

Dark Souls 3

Would you like some Dark Souls 3 with your Dark Souls? Well you’re in luck, because someone has modded the lovely UI from the third game in FromSoftware’s hardcore RPG series into the classic original. 

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As good as Dark Souls is, it has a rubbish UI. Dark Souls 3’s isn’t much better, but it is at least a lot cleaner-looking, with sharper textures and clean lines bordering the menus.

If you’ve played Dark Souls 3 recently and got the itch to return to the original, this UI mod will surely ease the transition.

Here’s a breakdown of everything the mod changes:

  • HUD: Health and stamina bars
  • HUD: Enemies health bar
  • HUD: Humanity counter
  • HUD: Cursed skull
  • HUD: Items slots
  • HUD: Souls counter
  • HUD: Target lock icon
  • HUD: Status effects icons
  • HUD: Interaction stripe
  • HUD: Invasion and summoning notification
  • HUD: Bow crosshair
  • HUD/Menus: Items/Equipment background
  • HUD/Menus: Wooden dish bellow the items/equipment
  • HUD/Menus: High resolution controller buttons (Xbox One and PlayStation 4)
  • Menus: Main menu icons
  • Menus: All the menu backgrounds and ornaments
  • Menus: Navigation arrows icons
  • Menus: Inventory and equipment categories icons (items, armor, rings, etc.)
  • Menus: Icon for the empty slots on the equipment menu
  • Menus: Key settings icons
  • Menus: Gesture menu
  • Menus: Create character
  • Menus: Messages background
  • Menus: Confirmations menus and notifications (quit game, loading save data, etc.)

For a better look, have a watch of the comparison video below:

You need to install DSFix for the mod to work, but you’ll want that installed if you want the actual game to work properly on PC anyway. Head over to Nexus Mods to grab the Dark Souls UI mod.