Dark Souls completed without taking a single hit in 5 hour speedrun

Dark Souls completed without a hit

Dark Souls has become the ultimate challenge game, but one player has taken that right to the extremes. Not content with the idea of completing the game with a Rock Band controller, or trying to play en-mass with everyone on Twitch, streamer The Happy Hobbit has finished Dark Souls without taking a single hit, or even blocking a strike with a shield. 

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What’s more, he’s completed the game in an impressive four hours, 57 minutes, and 42 seconds, making it an impressive speedrun considering the rules of play. (Dark Souls’ speedrun record is 45 minutes, 17 seconds, but included use of glitches and hits).

The Happy Hobbit’s rules are outlined over at the Dark Souls subreddit, and details how shield blocking was not allowed, although parries were acceptable. Falling damage was also permitted, but any environmental damage caused by an enemy attack counted as a hit, and would required Happy Hobbit to start from the beginning of the game again.

As a result of these strict rules, The Happy Hobbit has started Dark Souls with a new character quite a lot of times. Over weeks and weeks of trying, he’s amounted quite the collection of videos on his Twitch channel. The one you’ll be interested in, of course, is the one where he finally achieves victory, which you can see below.

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