Dark Souls publishers Bandai Namco file copyright complaint against Durante’s DSFix

Dark Souls

UPDATE: A third-party hired to handle Bandai Namco’s affairs has made a mistake while tackling a new wave of Dark Souls debug mode patches – a mistake they’re now working to rectify. DSFix should soon be available via Dropbox once more. Original story follows.

DSFix has been one of the best mods for Dark Souls – a welcome campfire to assuage the frustrations of a sometimes bleak port. Creator Durante did the same again for Dark Souls 2 on PC – but the game’s Western distributors haven’t warmed to his efforts like players have.

Bandai Namco have contacted Dropbox – citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and asking that the mod’s files be removed from the service. 

“We’ve received a notification under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) from BANDAI NAMCO Games Germany,” Dropbox informed Durante via email.

Durante has been given the option of filing a counter notification – but the file-hosting company have disabled public access to his mod’s files in accordance with the Act, and have no plans to reinstate sharing until the modder removes the offending material.

“I’m actually amazed that they would do this,” said Durante of Bandai Namco. “I mean WTF.”

If the DSFix creator is repeatedly found to have infringed copyright, the message warns, his account will be terminated.

The email was posted on NeoGAF, where Durante’s bio now notes that he is “so good at fixing broke-ass PC ports that his work has actually been declared illegal”.

Among DSFix’s most celebrated features are the addition of 1080p and 60 frames per second to a game otherwise limited to 720p and 30fps. The mod was recently updated to work with the new version of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die free from Games for Windows Live. Have you played with it installed since then?