Here are Dark Souls Remastered’s PC graphics options


Our only glimpse of Dark Souls Remastered gameplay so far has been on the PlayStation 4 Pro, which left us with a few questions about what options PC players will have to tune the game for our machines. We followed up with Bandai Namco on that point – details below.

Here are our impressions of Dark Souls Remastered on PS4 Pro.

PC options – display:

  • Resolution – values vary depending on monitor
  • Frequency – depends on monitor
  • Display mode – windowed, borderless, full screen
  • Vertical sync – on or off

PC options – quality:

  • Anti-aliasing – off, FXAA, FXAA high, temporal anti-aliasing
  • Motion blur – on or off
  • Depth of field – on or off
  • Ambient occlusion – on or off

Brightness adjustment is separately accessed via the title screen.

We knew that the PS4 Pro’s resolution is upscaled to 4K, but we didn’t know what resolution it was initially rendered at. Bandai Namco now tell us it is rendered in 1800p,not1080p as is more common. It’s a very minor point that’s unlikely to alter your reaction to our recent PS4 Pro footage (above), especially since the game is 4K native on PC.