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Dark Souls fan sequel Nightfall will launch in January

Created by a supergroup of Souls modders, Nightfall is a direct sequel to the original Dark Souls

An armoured hand grips the handle of a sword in the teaser trailer for Dark Souls mod Nightfall.

A group of seasoned Dark Souls modders has announced that its mod, Nightfall, will be launching January 21. Nightfall is designed to be a sequel of sorts to the granddaddy of Soulslike games, picking up right after the ‘Darklord’ ending.

The team building Nightfall is effectively the Traveling Wilburys of Dark Souls modding, headed up by Daughters of Ash and Roguelike Souls creator Grimrukh, QuickSouls modder AinTunez, texture artist Mireneye, talented animator Meowmaritus, and several others. Grimrukh has described Nightfall as a “more ambitious” project than his past efforts, and while it’s mainly “remixing” elements from Dark Souls, it seems clear that this will be a new experience even for veteran players.

Initially, the team had planned on releasing Nightfall sometime this year, but the modders decided to take some additional time to polish up the mod when they learned that Elden Ring had been delayed into February. Fortunately, to make up for the slight delay, Grimrukh has released a new teaser trailer. It doesn’t show off much, but it’s suitably dark and moody.

Here’s the new Nightfall teaser:

YouTube Thumbnail

The team isn’t spoiling anything about the mod ahead of time, but Grimrukh has been showing off some of Meowmaritus’ new weapon animations – which look like a lot of fun to use.

One thing to note about Nightfall: it will require Dark Souls: Remastered to play, and won’t work on the old Prepare to Die edition of the game. The modders say the Remastered edition includes some new technical features that have been necessary to make the mod work.