How to kill a Darktide Daemonhost

Occasionally when you're slaughtering the inhabitants of Tertium, you’ll hear a voice in your head, that’s a Darktide Daemonhost, and they don’t mess around

How to kill a Darktide Daemonhost: a solider unleashes a flamethrower on their enemies

If you’re asking how to kill a Darktide Daemonhost, it’s likely that you’ve been on the wrong end of an encounter with the most evil of beings, and suffered because of it. A Daemonhost can decimate half your squad in the blink of an eye if you aren’t careful, so it’s worth preparing so your mission doesn’t go sideways.

What is a Darktide Daemonhost, you ask? Well, they’re randomly generated boss-tier enemies that can appear while you’re trying to complete an objective in the co-op game. They are shrouded in green gas, and before you see one of the monstrosities, you’ll hear them in your head, nibbling away at your psyche. Aggravate one, and you’ll most likely pay with your life.

How to kill a Daemonhost

Before we get into the murdering, it is worth stating that simply avoiding the fight is a valid solution to what is a very dangerous problem. You’ll most likely see, and hear, a Daemonhost before they’re attacking your squad, and giving them a wide berth will ensure safety for you and yours.

If you do accidentally, or purposefully, alert a Daemonhost, it’s worth noting what they’ll do. A Daemonhost will target one of your squad members, burst them down, and then suck their lifeforce – this results in death. Once the Daemonhost has eliminated two of your team, it will teleport away, satisfied with a job well done.

To safely defeat a Daemonhost, you’ll want to be running the best Darktide Ogryn build, and equip them with a slab shield. The defensive stance granted by the slab shield will allow the Ogryn to survive the Daemonhost’s attacks long enough that the rest of your team can focus their fire and take the entity down.

Now you know how to kill a Darktide Daemonhost, a surprisingly dangerous enemy in one of this year’s best PC games. It all may seem fairly simple, but if you aren’t prepared, it can spell death for 50% of your team and most likely a failed mission. You’ll want to check out the best Darktide Zealot build and the best Darktide weapons to ensure you have enough damage to take the Daemonhost down.