Slay them with your looks – Phoenix Labs reveal more about Dauntless’ armour system

Dauntless Customisation

In a blog post over the Dauntless website, developer Phoenix Labs have revealed more about how players craft and customise their suit of armour to look like the coolest slayer around. With different inlays, finishes and more, the fashion world can be as ruthless as the monster hunting business.

Check out our interview with Phoenix Labs president, Jesse Houston.

As you slay bigger and more exotic monsters, your wardrobe will obviously grow and change to show off your hunting prowess. Your tatty old leather armour will soon be replaced with glorious pieces of plate mail, which can be customised with different finishes and colour gradients. Slayers can find special cosmetic equipment which may not have the best stats, but are as striking as the bulkiest chest piece. As my old dad used to say, if you can’t fight, wear a big hat.

Luckily, Dauntless has transmogrification stones which can give your combat armour the same look as your fancy armour you wear to go out on the town. This feature has only just been announced for the upcoming Monster Hunter, so Phoenix Labs are ahead of the curve with armour customisation. Don’t worry about not being able to tell high level and low level slayers apart though, as Dauntless will clearly display who is using transmogrified armour.

Slayers can buy personalised flares to communicate with other players in the field, along with special banners to outline your player achievements. You’ll be able to customise your banner with new colours and patterns, with your list of feats naturally growing as you become an accomplished slayer.

While you can get dyes, transmog stones, banners, flares and other cosmetic items from completing quests and slaying monsters, you can buy special Chroma Cores from Dauntless’ in-game store. These cosmetic bundles will includes all manner of customisation items for the slayer who is looking for that specific look.

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