Dauntless Peerless Arcstone guide: where to find the upgrade material

The Path of the Slayer update changes the progression system, so you'll need Peerless Arcstone to make your gear high tier

Dauntless peerless arcstone

Where can you find the Dauntless Peerless Arcstone? It’s a question on the minds of many since it was introduced with the Season 4 Hunt Pass. Typically, every iteration of a battle pass brings plenty of new rewards with it for players to chase and acquire, but this upgrade material is proving rather tricky to track down. On top of that, the Path of the Slayer update also reworks the progression system which has raised even more confusion.

Peerless Arcstone is crucial as it allows players to take their gear and weapons and push it into a higher tier. Before you get it, you can pick up Dull Arcstones by taking down Dire Behemoths and upgrading your equipment to mid-tier. After that, you’ll need Peerless Arcstones to take things to the next level.

As this has proven hard to come by, some have reached out to developer Phoenix Labs to see if the item’s drop rate is currently bugged. According to the developer, however, it is possible to get the material in the current game. So, without further adieu, here’s how to get Dauntless Peerless Arcstone resource in the Season 4 Hunt Pass.

How to get Dauntless Peerless Arcstone

To get Peerless Arcstone you’ll need to complete patrols and hunts that level 17 or above. Since there is only a limited number of bonus reward chests per day, however, it’ll take you a while to farm up a good amount of Peerless Arcstone.

You can recognise missions that offer the chance for the reward in the picture above, which was tweeted by the game’s official Twitter account. If you’re having trouble farming a reasonable amount, however, then don’t worry. Phoenix Lab has also said that it will be adding new ways to get the material in an upcoming update.

“Right now you can only get Peerless Arcstone from Heroic+ Patrol Chests,” the developer says in a Tweet. “But we’ll be opening it up in a future patch.”

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So there you have it, Dauntless Peerless Arcstone and where to get it. It may not be an ideal situation, but word has come from the developer that the crafting material will be more natural to obtain soon. In the meantime, we hope this helps you pluck up what little of the Peerless Arcstone that you can.