Dawn of the Tiberium Age v1.12 brings Red Alert factions into the era of the green crystal

Dawn of the Tiberium Age

18 years on and people are still modding Command & Conquer. Dawn of the Tiberium Age is a mod that adds new units, particle effects, AI, balances, fixes, and maps to the aged game. It also slaps a new and improved multiplayer host onto the thing so setting up games of the old girl is easier than ever.

More than that, the latest release, v1.12 brings all the units of Red Alert over to the Tiberium universe.

The mod now limits itself in speed to better match that of the original game’s.

An important change is that “the AI is able to (and will!) use ships now. So if you think you can still safely move your MCV to an isolated island and build up your base there without getting bothered by the AI like before, some AI cruisers will likely come and give you a rough wakeup-call.”

The addition of CnCNet5 also means it should be much easier to get a multiplayer game going.

You can download The Dawn of the Tiberium Age over on ModDB.

The update was pushed out on the 30 January, almost a year to the day since the previous update. Though the developers only put up the notes the other day. Here are the full change logs:

  • Changed: Mammoth Tank missiles now have the same range as the cannons.

  • Changed: V2 Rocket Launchers now have a minimum range of 3 cells.

  • Changed: you can no longer capture any of the AI’s base structures aside from the Construction Yard and the Refinery since you wouldn’t receive any new technology when you did capture them.

  • Fixed: A crash issue during map load caused by the spawner (Credits: Iran).

  • Fixed: You’re no longer able to join games that have already been started on CnCNet (Credits:Rampastring).

  • Fixed: GDI’s Tech Center is now capturable.

  • Fixed: Minor issues on the multiplayer maps “Black Forest”, “Stranded”, “Trinity”, “Africatorial”, the Comp Stomp version of “Tunnel Train-ing” and the King of the Hill versions of “Dust Bowl” and “Tunnel Train-ing” (Credits: Bittah Commander, Lin Kuei Ominae).

  • Fixed: YAKs now do more scatter damage so that infantry won’t easily be able to attack from them anymore.

  • Fixed: MIGs now only do half as much damage.

  • Fixed: Soviet SAM-sites now look damaged when they have less than 50% health (Credits: Bittah Commander).

  • Fixed: The King of the Hill structure is no longer sellable.

  • Fixed: A small amount of people used to receive an “Unable to locate scenario map!” error message when attempting to start a skirmish match (Credits: Rampastring).

  • Fixed: Minor issues on the “Emerald Canyon”, “Frosty Lake” and “Connexion” multiplayer maps (Credits:Lin Kuei Ominae).