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Dawngate opens up: EA’s fantasy MOBA enters community beta

Dawngate beta

EA and Waystone Games’ fantasy MOBA, Dawngate, is now open to beta registrations, if that’s your cup of tea. You can pop on over to the site, sign up and download the client. 

The second of EA’s bids to break into the MOBA market, Dawngate is meant to be evocative of League of Legends rather than something starkly different. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a few tricks up its sleeve to make it stand out. 

One of the more interesting twists on the tried and tested formula is the flexibility of the shapers, Dawngate’s champions. “We wanted Dawngate to look and feel like a true MOBA experience, but add something fresh and new to the core design by offering a flexible Meta to gameplay,” said Dave Cerra, Dawngate’s lead producer. “We feel that giving players the freedom to tailor each Shaper’s role to their own personal play style makes a powerful impact in the overall experience and sets Dawngate apart.”

It’s being touted as “fast-paced”, and battles feature a two-lane setup separated by a huge jungle. Scraps finish with a battle against the opposing team and their guardian, with loot drops being based on how the team played, taking into account teamwork and sportsmanship.

PAX East attendees will also be able to take the game for a spin on the weekend. There will also be a Dawngate panel, and all attendees will receive an exclusive skin for the game in their registration bag.