Day of Infamy, new expandalone from Insurgency devs, hits Early Access beta

Day of Infamy Early Access

Yes, I just used the word expandalone instead of standalone expansion, but it’s Christmas so let’s not fight. Let’s focus on the new bits that have just been airdropped into Day of Infamy, the WW2-based follow-up to Insurgency.

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What does ‘Early Access beta’ mean, exactly? Well, in this case it means Day of Infamy was already available in Early Access, but has just received a substantial update which adds air support, stats and rankings (complete with visual patches added to your uniform as you progress), cosmetic unlockables, and the new trailer above.

It harks back to a time when the noblest, most innovative thing a shooter could do was recreate a certain scene from Saving Private Ryan better than all the shooters that had come before it. It was a simpler time, before Facebook feeds full of articles about post-truth society.

But Day of Infamy is a good deal more complex and detailed than the World War 2 shooters of the early ’00s ever reached. For example, with the addition of air support for all factions, everyone can now call in a carpet bombing run, Americans can order down a Mustang strafe run, and Germans have Stutka dive bombing runs at their beck and call.

New World Interactive have also introduced ‘first wave units’ which will be available only to early access players, and comprise several unit types across each faction.

The game’s going at a 25% discounted rate in the Steam winter sale at the moment too, so head over to the Day of Infamy Steam page for full details.