Day Z version 1.7.1 introduces cleverer zombies, accidentally gets rid of food


Are you playing Day Z? Are you hungry? That’s probably because the latest version of the Arma 2 zombie survival mod accidentally broke food and bandages, turning them from suitably scarce to the rarest resource in the game. The upcoming hotfix will pump some beans back into the world, according to a tweet by the Day Z devs. Thank goodness. You’ll need beans now that zombies can see you.

The hotfix should put an end to the “bean wars”, in which survivors are being ritually slaughtered on beachesfor their precious, precious beans. Meanwhile, the 1.7.1 update released yesterdayaddressed some performance issues andgave zombies proper line of sight (meaning you can actively hide from the undead – a feature we said we’d like to see added). It also removed guns from the initial loadout, cruelly forcing players to track down their first weapon all by themselves. Instead, new players are equipped only with a torch, a bandage and some painkillers.Not a popular change, that one.

The devs are keeping a log of the rolling hotfix update on their forum, if you’re the tab keeping sort.