DayZ to add dogs in pupcoming pooch patch


Dogs are excellent! That’s my dog Sam, up there. He’s dead now, which makes him the perfect canine candidate for an appearance in an upcoming version of DayZ. According to the Arma 2 mod’s creator Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, the zombie survival simulator is soon to receive a pooch patch, which will populate the wilderness with wild dogs. Maybe even zombie dogs.

Speaking with Eurogamer,Rocket admitted there are hurdles to overcome before dogs can freely roam Chernarus. “It’s just there’s a problem with the implementation and there’s been so much more that’s been more pressing”.

The modder went on to confirm that the mooted breed is the proud German Shepherd, though how these dogs will interact with players is yet uncertain. They could make their appearance as anything from reanimated dog-corpses to faithful, zombie-attacking pets.

Rocket also dropped some head-spinningly huge playernumbers: DayZ now boasts almost 500,000 users, with 22,000 playing concurrently at peak times. Hall hopes to move DayZ to a stand-alone, free-to-play model in future, as currently the mod threatens to outpace the game it’s built upon.Arma 2: Combined Operations has been floating aroundthe top of the Steam sales chart for weeks, propelled by DayZ’s ceaseless popularity.

Meanwhile, the latest patch is expected to add beartraps. Leg-breaking, dog-murdering beartraps.