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DayZ to be developed as a stand alone game by Bohemia Interactive


DayZ, the massively successful mod of Bohemia Interactive’s ArmA 2, is going to be definitely actually officially developed as a stand alone game, by both Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall, who will be project lead, and Bohemia Interactive themselves, who I’d imagine are going to be doing everything that he can’t do. 

It’s just about the best outcome that could happen for the mod, as it means they get to use the engine the game’s already running in (with ArmA 3’s incredibly looking engine a distinct possibility), and have people familiar with how the game and how it works doing all of the development.
The mod itself is going to continue as it is, with continual updates and hosting until the stand alone game is finished. And even that is going to be available very early in development, with the post on the announcement stating that they’ll adopt the ‘Minecraft’ model, and have players able to buy an alpha at a heavily discounted price, and then have that price slowly increase the closer it gets to release.
The website will be www.dayzgame.com, although the mod will stay where it is, for the moment. Stay tuned for new updates, which are sure to come in thick and fast over the next few weeks.