DayZ continues to hate you – version 1.7.2 adds leg-breaking beartraps


DayZ patches are cruel things. Recently the Arma 2 mod removed guns from new players’ backpacks, forcing them to forage in the zombie-infested wilderness for their first sidearm. Now, patch 1.7.2 will add beartraps that, as well as efficiently destroying any wild animals unfortunate enough to find themselves ensnared ‘twixt the trap’s rusted iron maw, can break a survivor’s legs. In case you don’t know, broken legs put you at a disadvantage in DayZ.

But there’s some good news. Legs, when not being mangled by beartraps, will soon become more resilient things. The probabilty and amount of leg damage doled out by zombies has been reduced, leaving your pins nice and ‘snappy’ for the beartrap’s enjoyment. Also reduced is the zombies’ super-hearing, which allowed the infected to hear perfectly through walls. They’ll now hear at 50% efficiency when behind an object.The next patch, I’m guessing, will give them little glass tumblers they can press against walls to listen in on your secret conversations and survival plans.

1.7.2 is expected to drop any day now, having slipped past its mooted release date of “maybe Monday”.