DayZ Early Access appears in Steam directory. Dean Hall amazed “how quickly the internet picks up on things”


We knew DayZ’s alpha was on its way but there’s signs that it’s just around the corner. For one, it’s been spotted in the Steam database. For another, we have Dean Hall saying “progress has been very good.”

Hopefully we’ll be killing zombies and running from fellow survivors in weeks not months.

The entry was first spotted by The Escapist who also saw that there’s a separate DayZ server app, suggesting you’ll be able to host private servers among friends.

Joystiq followed up on the discovery and approached Hall for comment on the game’s progress. Hall said: “Amazing how quickly the internet picks up on things isn’t it. All I can say is that progress has been very good, we’re a mix of nervous and excited. And as I’d stated on my twitter when I announced my break from social media/updates, we are on the final lap. Part of the final process involves the actual administration of the release, which is actually surprisingly complex and time-consuming.”

Fingers crossed for a halloween release. Though that’s me being very optimistic.